Much ado about muffins… ALL OF THE MUFFINS

So, Cookie Monster some Slate writer ate every single variety of Pepperidge Farm cookie.  While I was mildly disgusted, the piece inspired me to repeat this experiment at Brown — with Blue Room muffins, a collection as diverse as and somewhat carbier than the student population.

My sister, the ragamuffin Tanya Nguyen ‘13 (whose favorite joke is, incidentally, the one with the talking muffins), had independently developed a desire to test each one, so I enlisted her consumptive (I actually don’t think that’s the right word, but you know what I mean) and photographic ­aid in this totally self-indulgent project of great journalistic importance. Any excuse to nosh on a bunch of baked goods, amirite? Pro tips: Muffins are best warm, so nab them freshly baked or microwave them. Most are pretty sweet, especially as you keep stuffin’ your face with them, so have some water or other beverage (recommended pairings listed below). A gajillion couple thousand calories and 16 x 1.95 points later, here are our highly scientific results (in chronological order of sampling, which, don’t worry, was not in one sitting).

[nggallery id=128]

So what’s next for Blue Room muffins? We suggest doing away with butter rum, improving blueberry, and expanding the line. The possibilities are endless! The more savory (cheese, spinach, bacon) as well as ginger, carrot, green tea, almond, coffee, and honey muffins could be hits, too. And what are some other potential seasonal options? Peppermint? Let’s be bold here.

Finally, imagine if the muffins were named after people like in the Thayer St crêperie … “Hello, could I please get a Chris Paxson?”


  1. Tucker Iverson

    Nice article Gongrooyen!! I will have to complete the muffin challenge at some point in my Brown career.

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