Turn your clocks back tonight!

What they’re not telling you about this picture is that it was taken at 4:45 p.m.

Tonight, you get an extra hour of partying, so tomorrow, it’ll get dark really, really early. Now waking up with a raging hangover at 1 p.m. now means you have 3-ish hours of good daylight left in your day. And the days are still getting shorter. Yep, winter is coming. However you want to look at it, you’ll experience 1 a.m. twice tonight (we hope this means that we’ll have an extra hour to enjoy a spicy with), because we’re moving to Standard Time for the winter. Don’t forget to move your clocks back an hour — that means your watch, laptop (this should be automatic), alarm clock, cell phone (again, automatic), tablet, and the stopwatch in your desk that you never use — or you might get one less hour of raging post-SPG.

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