How Not to be a Freshman: The one where I go to SexPowerGod

You know that sweaty, hormonally-driven, widely-talked-about dance known as SexPowerGod? Well, it was this past weekend and Luna here was lucky enough to score a golden ticket after camping out for four hours. After spending all day creating the perfectly sexy outfit, I was ready for this highly-anticipated night of drunken debauchery. My friends and I headed over to Andrews slightly nervous but totally excited. At an event where anything goes, I had cast any and all expectations aside.  I was prepared to fully embrace all the ideals that SexPowerGod represents.

Once we arrived, we were greeted by a mob of half-naked men and women dancing around without a care in the world.  Some were shirtless, others pantless but everyone there possessed a bodily confidence that I envied.  I’m normally a pretty reserved person but I was eager to lose my inhibitions.  So, I grabbed my friends’ hand and dove head-first into the crowd, swaying rhythmically (or maybe clumsily) to the music.

Now, this dance was unlike any previous dance I had ever been to. It was reminiscent of my DayGlow experience but, there was no paint, only Brunonians, and a hell of a lot less clothing. I saw things I had never seen before but, to my surprise, I was unperturbed.  People were following their impulses, their whims, and their hearts, and what’s wrong with that?

However, I am Luna Lovebad, so rest assured, I did have some funny experiences.  One boy I was dancing with licked my face in his drunken stupor. It was cute, albeit slightly messy.  If I didn’t have mono before, I definitely do now. He also thought it’d be fun to lift me into the air, spin me around, and hold me up there for a few seconds. Although my squirms did nothing to sway him to put me down, I did have a fantastic panoramic view of the hall for a little. In my perpetual state of awkwardness, I also thought I saw a good friend of mine and proceeded to attempt to have a conversation with him. After receiving quite a few weird looks from this dude, I realized I had the wrong guy. Typical Luna.

SexPowerGod turned out to be an awesome, crazy, and unforgettable experience.  I began the night with reservations after hearing some horror stories from upperclassmen but came home feeling sexy, confident, and powerful. The dance helped me become more comfortable in my own skin and more accepting of other people’s desires and whims. It was a refreshing and eye-opening experience that I urge everyone to have. Brown continues to pleasantly surprise me with its comfortable and accepting atmosphere. People here do what they want, casting all social constructs aside, and I think that couldn’t be cooler. See you all at SPG next November!

With love,

Luna Lovebad

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