Free compost buckets on the Main Green today

Tomorrow, SCRAP will hold a compost bucket giveaway on the Main Green from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

SCRAP is a member of emPOWER, Brown’s umbrella association of environmental student groups. In 2009, several undergraduates started SCRAP to encourage the University and its students to adopt good composting practices.

The group plans to give away around 60 buckets to students this afternoon. To save the buckets from fates as secondary trashcans (a possibility that may keep members of SCRAP up late at night), representatives from the group will be available to discuss the benefits and challenges of composting. Willing participants will also have the option of playing a pretend teach-me-how-to-compost game to prepare for the real thing.

The organization is young, and, as a result, still has significant work ahead in convincing students to consider composting as an alternative to throwing food waste in the trash. “Most people don’t even know it’s an option and might think that it’s gross or weird, but once it’s explained to them, they usually come around,” Cody Zeger ’14, a member of SCRAP said. “It’s not as difficult as it sounds.”

The instinctual adverse reaction many students have to composting is a challenge the organization has fought since its inception. “I think the reason why it sounds gross is that it’s decomposing food matter, and you don’t want that in your room or your apartment,” Zeger said. “But the buckets have lids that seal … they trap smells.”

For current composters or new adopters, SCRAP maintains two central compost drop-off facilities on either side of campus — one in the student garden on the corner of Charlesfield and Hope Streets and the other at West House. Students simply dump their organic waste into a bin, and members from SCRAP add the dead leaves and other organic matter needed for effective and even waste decomposition.

Tomorrow’s event follows a successful pilot giveaway last semester, in which SCRAP gave out 60 free buckets during Earth Week. Be sure to stop by early tomorrow if you want to maximize your chances of getting a bucket.

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