Blog Cooks Things: Quinoa edition

We are Brown students. Brown students love to eat. In order to eat, we need to cook things. Enter Blog Cooks Things, a new series in which we share the yummy things we cook with you.

One cold October night, three bloggers got together to cook up every Brown student’s favorite grain: quinoa. The best thing about quinoa: it’s versatility. The worst thing about quinoa: deciding which version to make. We considered several recipes in our quest to create the best batch ever (!), and our cooking crew decided on “toasted quinoa with mushrooms and Asian flavors.” With an abundance of scallions, mushrooms, and broth, not only was this batch of quinoa easy to make, but it was also delicious. Like, the best we’d ever had.

The prep and cooking times were both short; in total, our batch of quinoa took around 30 minutes to prepare. The recipe is also vegan-friendly—feel free to substitute chicken broth with veggie broth, add more mushrooms in place of chicken, or throw in some kind of spicy kick.

So don’t be afraid to get out there and cook, Brunonians. If Blog can do it, so can you.

Scowl and cook, scowl and cook.

Scowl and cook, scowl and cook.

Cannibalistic? Nah.


Voilà. We cooked things.

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