Free food digest: November 14, 2012

Eat free or dine trying.

A Day in the Life of a Medical Student
5-6:30 p.m.

Get a glimpse at the shockingly exciting lives of medical students while enjoying Pizza Pie-er. Or something like that.

Art of Science Biomed Exhibit
Sidney Frank
5-7 p.m.

What is it with medical things and free food today? Whatever, they’ll have refreshments, and some type of artwork that you can astutely critique.

Urban Studies DUG: “The Iconic Ghetto” with Professor Elijah Anderson
29 Manning St.
7-8 p.m.

The always classic “light refreshments” will be ripe for the picking starting at 6:30, but feel free to stay late if “leading urban ethnographers” is a phrase that trips your trigger.

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