It’s slam time: Brown Storytellers’ Story Slam

Stop ... Slam time.

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally arrived for Brown Storytellers’ Story Slam. What’s Story Slam you say? It’s an absolutely hilarious event during which Brown students telling some of their most miserable favorite past times. The Slam will be taking place on Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17 at 8:30 p.m. Note: The Slam on Friday night is in Lower Salomon and the one on Saturday is in List Room 110, so make sure to go to the right place! To get all of you excited for the awesomeness that is Story Slam, check out some past stories told by the Brown Storytellers after the jump:

  • Fire Jump” (Eli Bosworth): As we make our way up the rungs of this ladder we call life, we tend to have some weird experiences. In “Fire Jump,” Bosworth leaves nothing off the table when he discusses his friend’s sexcapades, drunken adventures, and …fire jumping? Yeah, that’s bound to end well.
  • Basketball” (Nate Shapiro): Oh the good ole days of middle school sports. We’ve all been there and most of us wish we could forget it. The pre-pubescent energy in those basketball/soccer/football matches was just too much to handle. Relive your prime awkward stage with Shapiro as he retells his experiences playing for the Tigers. Go get ’em tiger.
  • Sleep Problems” (Jonathan Topaz): When you’re younger, sometimes you have trouble falling asleep. For Topaz, sleeping posed a real psychological problem. What the hell is sleep, anyway? Is it what comes before death? Are you truly…alone? Topaz turned to the semi-neurotic adult figures in his life for some guidance. Needless to say, they weren’t extremely helpful.
  • New Me” (Danny Sobor): Remember that time you got trashed in your high school Spanish class? Yeah, well me neither. Apparently it happens. Not-so-Sobor Danny took a ride on the wild side and somehow it worked out in his favor. Moral of the story: when you get caught up-chucking in the bathroom, blame it on swine flu.

This year, Story Slam will cover hot topics such as Korean pedophiles, Indian McFlurries, and friends on shrooms. Make sure you check it out this weekend.

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