Mean Trucks: Food truck feuds and unreplied tweets

It all started on November 12th. Apparently, Radish parked above the sacred Waterman line that divides the kingdom Thayer Street from restaurant to food truck domain. That’s a big no-no in the food truck world, but newbie Radish hadn’t caught on. King of Sliders Rocket, however, was sure to let them know in a very public way…

Was this FYI really as friendly as Rocket intended it to be? Did Radish knowingly park across enemy lines above Waterman to piss off other food trucks? But wait, there’s more. 

Radish wasn’t about to give up the fight that easily. They’re the new truck on the block, and they weren’t about to be pushed around by some burger flippers.

Oh no! I hate it when trucks fight! It destroys the natural balance of Thayer Street at meal time. What will happen if they start feuding? Will the friendly and seemingly pointless tweet backs at each other cease forever?! Say it ain’t so!

Oh, wow. That ended quickly. Five days later, and they’re a “community” again. They’re “hanging” and tweeting back at each other again! Peace has been restored.


Plouf Plouf wasn’t buying Radish’s newfound understanding of the ways of Thayer Street food trucks. They weren’t about to let another faux pas slip by unnoticed…

This time, Radish didn’t respond. Maybe they never saw the tweet, since Plouf Plouf forgot to tweet at them. But did they really forget to tag Radish? Are they not following each other on Twitter? What does Plouf Plouf have against Radish? It’s not like they’ve been around for long, either.

After spending too much time on Twitter some investigative journalism, we’ve uncovered what may be the source of Plouf Plouf’s resentment…

Hot chocolate? Isn’t that Plouf Plouf’s thing?

Oh. Awkward.

Plouf Plouf reached out to the larger food truck community, not letting this parking foul play go by unnoticed. And he even scored some retweets…

Oh no, is that Flour Girls Bakery taking sides on this debacle? They don’t even go here are not even here that often… have they also been victims of Radish parking dramz?

Now, Plouf Plouf has taken it to the next level and started tweeting directly at Radish. They stopped hiding behind their vague tweets to the food truck community and have taken their passive aggressiveness out in the open. They ain’t playing anymore.

Radish is taking the high road and not replying to Plouf Plouf’s accusations out in the open. Are they engaged in a DM battle? Or are they too scared to face the wrath of the croque monsieurSacre bleu!

There are many things we can learn from these harsh exchanges between the food trucks we all know and love:

  1. If you’re going to fight, don’t do it on Twitter. It makes us feel uncomfortable when we see our fave trucks battling out under 140 characters. Also the walk on Thayer is much more awkward knowing Radish and Plouf Plouf are not on speaking terms outside of the virtual world.
  2. Do your research before you park your truck on Thayer. This could’ve been avoided by speaking with other trucks or maybe just Googling. Because, apparently, this is a huge deal.
  3. Don’t mess with the trucks.

Why can’t we all just get along like we did last week at dinnertime?


  1. Foodtruckeater

    Plouf Plouf’s tweet about respecting each other’s trucks is hypocritical. I’ve witnessed him yelling at Mama Kim (herself) over some parking issue that was completely nonsense and threatened to call the police on her.

    I agree with the #1 towards the end. Do not want to see public feuds between the trucks; it just makes me not want to go to those trucks since they do not want to seem to handle things professionally by keeping things low profile.

  2. PloufPloufGastronomie

    The ENTIRE POINT of the tweets highlighted is to keep the food truck community PROFESSIONAL. It’s disrespectful and bad business to park illegally and too close to a restaurant (not to mention copying specific items in detail off a neighboring truck’s menu). If the current regulations are not followed, the city of Providence will change them, and not in our favor.

    To the above commenter: Mama Kim’s employs a parking tactic that has screwed over several trucks (not just us) who have been waiting patiently, sometimes over an hour to park first. This includes setting up fake blockades on Thayer (this spring) over several spots so not even YOU may park where you are entitled to.

  3. 666BURNERDUDE69

    Hey PloufPlouf, commenting on sites like this, Yelp , and fighting on Twitter don’t make you professional – it makes you seem like an asshole. I’m surprised you didn’t hop onto the comments at Serious Eats when your duck burger got eviscerated there. Don’t you have anything better to do? You know what Mama Kim’s doesn’t do? Attack people who give them bad Yelp reviews.

  4. Regina George

    plouf plouf is a grotsky, little byotch

  5. A+

    Plouf Plouf’s $14 food truck meals are a joke; who cares.

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