NYU student incites reply-all chaos

Max Wiseltier: Lord of Chaos

It’s happened to all of us at least once. You get an exciting group email, and in your rush to respond to the sender you accidentally hit “reply all” and notify a whole bunch of random Brown students that you’re “TOTALLY in!!!” They can be tough to live down, but these reply-all mishaps are usually inconsequential. Unless you’re Max Wiseltier.

Max was one of the nearly 40,000 NYU students who received an e-mail regarding a paperless option for tuition payment. Turning to his mom for advice (classic Wiseltier), he sent out a simple email reading “do you want me to do this?” To his horror, he soon found that he had hit reply all and sent his response to every student at NYU. That’s a lot of students–39,979 to be exact. To put it in perspective, a similar amount of e-mails would result if a Brown student tried replying to ResLife and instead sent out an email to a quarter of Providence’s inhabitants.

With Max’s mishap came the revelation amongst students that emails could be sent to every NYU student. Naturally, a bloodbath ensued. The reply-alls started innocently (“sorry think you have the wrong person”), but they soon took a silly turn:

Which made some students pretty angry:

The next morning, an NYU employee revealed he had accidentally sent the original email to a ListServ that allowed responses. He quickly deleted everyone on the list. It annoyed some, but the e-mail mayhem seems to have brought NYU students together. I’m not saying a reply-all spree would be a bad thing for Brown (it’s happened before and it was kind of entertaining), but be thankful that we go to a school where we can enjoy a sense of community without the work of Max Wiseltier.

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