Shit We Love: Taran Killam

If you’re anything like us, you might have started watching this season of Saturday Night Live terrified of what would become of digital shorts in Andy Samberg’s absence. Thankfully, just a couple of weeks ago the SNL cast delivered what is (very much subjectively) the funniest sketch they’ve done this year—”The Legend of Mokiki and the Sloppy Swish.”

As Kenan Thompson says, “it’s a really stupid dance created by a crazy person.” The Sloppy Swish is a weird and yet addictive dance that we may or may not have started doing at parties. But it’s doubtful the dance would be as amazingly hilarious were it not for Taran Killam— therefore, he joins the list of Shit We Love. Here are some more reasons Taran Killam is completely awesome:

1. He was on The Amanda Show. Remember “Moody’s Point,” the weirdly dramatic short squeezed between bathroom real talk and dancing lobsters, back in Amanda Bynes’ pre-retirement glory days?

2. He is married to Robin from How I Met Your Mother, and they have a beautiful Canadian-American child. Her real name is Cobie Smulders. These lovebirds got married this past summer, and their wedding was the party you’ve always dreamed of being invited to: Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Manganiello were among the guests, and you know someone got wasted and invented what would later become the Sloppy Swish on the dance floor…

3. Much like sleep-deprived students, he makes dance covers of music videos that are better than the original. Late one night whilst writing for SNL, Taran procrastinated paid homage to that week’s musical guest Robyn by recreating her extremely bizarre video for “Call Your Girlfriend” with admirable accuracy. If you haven’t seen it, brace yourselves for some mind-blowing dance moves and enviable dedication. Also note the writer in the blue shirt who gives no fucks and just wants to go home. 

4. He was tapped by BuzzFeed to play Uncle Joey in a Full House remake. We at BlogDH follow BuzzFeed religiously and take its suggestions very seriously. After all, Taran’s impressions are pretty spot on.

5. He played a pop star in a Disney Channel Original Movie. We’re all about Disney nostalgia, and Taran rocked the early-2000s hair streaks in Stuck in the Suburbs. Makin’ the pre-teens swoon, all day every day.

It is for these reasons (and many more along the lines of “OMG he’s so funny! and cute!”), we fucking love Taran Killam. So go ahead, shamelessly do the Sloppy Swish. After all, if you try it, you may like it, because it is contagioussss!

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