Did you really read Morning Mail? Cat video edition

Now that finals are approaching, you’ve probably spent a lot more time on the internet. If you’re at all like us, you have probably spent a significant portion of this time watching videos of cats. Cats flushing toilets, “speaking” out of story booksactually speaking, running on treadmills, or even playing ping pong –we’ve seen it all.

But why are we so taken with watching our furry friends do human-like things in three-minute videos? Brown’s Mellon Sawyer Seminar, entitled “Animal Magnetism: The Emotional Ecology of Animals and Humans,” will use some animal videos to take a closer look at why we are drawn to these clips and why humans anthropomorphize their pets. The commentators will include faculty from Archaeology, Anthropology, Classics, CLPS, History, Egyptology, and several other departments who will provide various viewpoints about human relationships with pets and human-animal interactions.

The event will take place Thursday, December 6th in Rhode Island Hall, Room 108 at noon. Pizza and soda will be served and all members of the audience will have the opportunity to vote in the student competition to create a logo for “Animal Magnetism.” Feel free to bring your own lunch!

So if you love watching animal videos or are confused as to why everyone else loves watching them, check this event out! You will never think of  “Hamster on a Piano” in the same way. We’re hoping that maybe someone can finally explain the internet’s obsession with “cat breading” to us… or cats with money.

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