(Campus)Lifehacker: Waffle cake at the V-Dub

How do we even begin to explain waffle cake? We can’t. When I am an 80-year-old looking back fondly at my days at Brown,  I will remember this waffle cake. This is simply something you must try for yourself. The V-Dub holds endless possibilities. Here’s how to make your very own. (You’re welcome.)

1.  Get a mug. Any mug will do!

2. Fill your mug half way with waffle batter. Please don’t test the BDS staff by filling in more. You will make a mess.

3. Strawberry sauce is optional mandatory. Next, make your way to the ice cream toppings station and have a field day. Seriously. Take whatever ice cream toppings are left and pile them into your mug.

4.  Heat your mug for 45-60 seconds. Do some stretches near the microwave to prepare for the waffley goodness.

5. Take your creation out of the microwave, add some whipped cream, Instagram it, and enjoy!

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