DogDailyHerald: Meet our dogs

Know how excited you get when you leave class in Wilson or lunch in the Blue Room and find hoards of tail-wagging dogs waiting to cuddle up to you on the Main Green? With weather like we’ve had recently, Heavy Petting isn’t likely to pop up and brighten our day—but that doesn’t mean we can’t take relief from furry creatures as we troll the Internet study diligently this finals period. With that in mind, we present DogDailyHerald, a compilation of dogs who are known and loved by members of the Brown community. It’s said that dogs and their owners come to resemble each other, so we’ve noted what we feel we share with our canine companions. The need for dogs will continue through finals, so if you’re not pictured here, send us your picture and resemblance and we’ll feature you in the next installment.


Ana’s dog, Didi.

Ana Colón ’14: “[Didi] is much more graceful than me, and has much better hair. But we’re both very cuddly and are huge daddy’s girls. Also, this dog is clever as f*ck. She can open f*cking doors and let herself into the house because she is the queen.”


Lily’s dog, Jester Jives II.

Lily Goodspeed ’13: “Jester resembles me because we both get leaves stuck in our hair really easily.”


Rémy’s dog, Audrey.

My dog and I resemble each other in that we both love eating peaches and—problematically, since we share a bed—both enjoy being little spoon.


Meredith’s and Charlotte’s dog, Lila.

Meredith Bilski ’14 and Charlotte Bilski ’16: “This is Lila. She’s teen royalty. Her hobbies include chewing on toilet paper rolls, watching Criminal Minds (but only when the moon is full), smoking clowns like you on the b-ball court, and flamenco dancing. Like her older sister Meredith, she is blonde and was the runt of her litter. She enjoys singing songs in French with her other sister Charlotte, who is neither blonde nor a nugget.”


Daniel’s dog, Holly.

Daniel Hoadley ’15: “My dog and I both fall asleep everywhere.”


Mike’s dog, Chip.

Michael Pastore ’13: “While I’m not sure if I look like my dog very much, I do know this: we both enjoy the scenery.”

In luv.

Jesse’s dogs, Layla and Lucy.

Jesse Hertz ’13: “[My dogs and I] are similar in that I also spend 99% of my time sleeping on the couch and enjoy snuggling.”


Anthony’s dog, Lucas.

The resemblance between Anthony Ureña ’12 and his dog is obvious.


Genevieve’s dog, Rico.

Genevieve Moss-Hawkins ’14: “My dog and I are similar because we both overcome obstacles!”


Lily’s dog, Bella*.

Lily Meyer ’13: “This is my dog cuddling with her toy that is also a dog, which I realize is questionable, but at any rate we are similar because we both like cuddling with dogs, and also belly rubs.”
*: Not named after the Twilight character.

Comfy. Maybe.

Maya’s dog, Red.

Maya Chay ’13: “We will take every possible opportunity to nap…”


Jess’ dog, Westley.

Jess Smith’ 13: “We’re very alike in that we’re both counting down the days until Christmas, our favorite holiday! He is asking Santa for a new leather collar and to never have to wear his holiday sweater again.”

long walks on the beach...

Emily’s dog, Sophie.

Emily Koo ’13: “Our similarities? Optimistic. Dislike the cold. Like sprinting but prefer napping.”

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