WTF is happening on the Main Green? Nature: It exists

Copyright David Oyer Nature Photography

Here’s something I didn’t consider in my college decision: adventurous romps through the wilderness of the Main Green. This first priceless snapshot, taken by your intrepid reporter, depicts an animal species that my research indicates was a “bird” eating another animal species that my research indicates was a “small rodent.” By my own admission, after seeing more pictures taken by people with better phone cameras and/or who weren’t too scared to go closer to this rapacious beast, I will admit that my initial diagnosis of “dead rabbit” would more accurately be put as “dead squirrel.” Here’s a better picture, taken by someone who probably had a real camera:

Our New Mascot?

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here’s one more picture taken by staff writer Caitlin Dorman ’16 [Warning: these are not for people who don’t love to glimpse a good squirrel stomach]:

This Squirrel is Very Dead

Maybe you can see some remaining guts strewn around the grass if you hurry out to the Green right this minute!

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