FlogDailyHerald: Why are there so many door issues?

I’ve been here a full semester, and I still cannot gracefully enter or exit a building at this university. This could be a #freshmanproblem (#unncessaryhashtags) but I really don’t think it is. And I really don’t think it’s me. There are serious door problems at this school.

At least twice a day I encounter a door that seems to be “just for show” at this university. And it’s always at legitimately the most inconvenient time to be unable to enter a building.

First of all, the SciLi. This building has probably the most confusing door rules that a building could have. I don’t understand why the revolving doors are the ones you’re supposed to go for, because its obviously natural to want to use the push-y ones, which are just are quicker and simpler. But no, I see people every day go up to push, and then become confused and have to switch to the revolving door. I’ve also seen people get up and push these doors open for fellow Brown students. While that’s lovely, and shows how great we all are, it’s probably the most unnecessary good samaritan act ever. We could just have functioning doors.

Also, why are the exits not on Thayer closer to the CIT some sort of security threat after 10 p.m.? Who is going to be storming/robbing/flash-mobbing at the SciLi via these doors but then be like, oh, I have to go around the corner? Really not worth it.

My card also never works at Thayer street entrance—this might actually be only a problem I have—because today someone had to come swipe me in and their card worked fine. So again, good samaritans, but I wasn’t even thankful because I was ANGRY about the stupid doors!

Then, at Jo’s, only ONE of the double doors actually pulls open. Like an idiot, I always go for the right hand side of the double door, pull twice, and then switch to the other door. It literally seems ridiculous to have only one side of a door open. Why even make a double door then? This also always happens to me when I am doing solo-Jo’s at like 1:30 a.m. after some late-night library time so I’ve already struggled with SciLi doors probably and also really want to do a quick get-in get-out situation in my mozzarella-stick-induced shame.

The Rock has the same problem as SciLi  (see: why do only rolling doors work).

Lastly, there are always random glitches with swiping into my dorm, where the light still goes green but then you pull and it doesn’t open because it’s still locked for some reason. And then you have to walk around to another entrance, and I was all forgiving about this earlier in the fall, but now I’m getting cold and angrier so it’s really just not ideal. Also I’m pretty sure there was one time when practically all the entrances at Keeney had this glitch for about 10 minutes and though that sounds really hilarious and there were like 40 lost souls worrying about being trapped outside forever, it’s also just something that makes you wonder, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DOOR ISSUES?

In summary, why are there are so many door issues?!?

FlogDailyHerald gives the University and its doors 8 flogs—1 for every location (4) listed here with faulty doors, which we’ve then multiplied by 2 to emphasize just how bad the door situation is—in the hope that a double dose of flogging will spur Brown to action. 

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