What happened to Morning Mail??

I can only imagine the riot that ensued at Jo’s. Brown Morning Mail, that beloved signal that you only have an hour left to grab a Spicy With (or Spicies With?) and chief indicator that you’re no longer turning in early for the night, got a serious facelift last night. The email is now super pretty and easy to read. You know, you can actually tell where one announcement ends and another begins, all that good stuff. Anyway, it makes our job a lot easier in putting out Free Food Digest every day.

New Morning Mail

According to one of the Morning Mail announcements—the powers that be clearly wanted the whole student body to read it—the changes came from a group of UCS members who realized the process could be streamlined. You see that? We read Morning Mail. No word yet as to how the changes will affect readership, but having an aesthetically pleasing end to your night can only be a good thing. Now go read Morning Mail and check out the changes for yourself.

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