Sister’s my new mother, Mother: New semester, new editors


A new semester means new classes, new faces, and newly frost-bitten appendages; for us, it means bigger and better content and an all-new editorial board. It’s like All That‘s “Know Your Stars,” but without Jamie Lynn Spears (…and her baby) and with the names you’ve seen in our bylines.

After just one semester on our staff chowing down at Brown, Aaron Fitzenry-worshipping California native Georgia Tollin ’15 joins our editorial board as one of our new deputy managing editors. Score one more for the West Coast on the edit board: Connor McKlimermanGuigan ’15 will join the editorial ranks from the comfort of his crib. Let’s hope he doesn’t start a campus-wide uproar by hitting “reply-all” on the new, prettier version of Morning Mail. Rounding out the deputy managing editor squad is Cara Newlon ‘14.5, who will be adding her drunk, sober, and/or high wisdom to the team. You really should take her to your formal. Also, Jason Hu ’15 will stay on as Don Draper creative director. He can help you figure out whether or not to drop that class and plan for the apocalypse. All this while still in space!

Taking over the managing editor position is aficionado Will Janover ’15, who doesn’t have a problem with having a clam roll while temperatures are still in the single digits. Let it be known he was also surprisingly ahead of the game on the whole Hurricane Sandy (Cohen) thing. He will not, however, be considering a career in meteorology (as long as it never rains Jesse Watters). That leaves Meredith Bilski ’14 to replace outgoing sultan/prophet/founder Matt Klimerman ’13 as editor-in-chief. Klimerman will now be known as the “Chairman of the Board.” He thinks he’s Frank Sinatra, and he has the voice to match. The “small but mighty” Bilski promises to apply her legendary softball skills to BlogDailyHerald whenever applicable (we’re going to have an intramural team and play some dizzy bat on the side). She promises to continue to be your go-to source for all things Lindsay Lohan.

We couldn’t be more excited for this semester. A new edit board doesn’t mean a new BlogDailyHerald; the snark and nostalgia will remain excessive. Happy reading. Ready, set, Blog!

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