Alums who do cool things: Nick White ’10, Lauren Neal ’11, and ‘Spicy Wit’

Brown has made it to the big screen…well, kind of. Recent Brown graduates Nick White ’10 and Lauren Neal ’11 are the creators and producers of a new web series appropriately titled “Spicy Wit.” In addition to producing the show, Neal also writes and directs it, so she’s kind of a big deal.

“Spicy Wit” is a satire mockumentary that intends to raise questions pertaining to social justice and racial issues in an accessible yet absolutely absurd way. The creators wanted to cross as many moral lines as they could while making the series, and they succeeded: When you watch the pilot episode, “Hate,” you’ll find yourself laughing, and then you’ll find yourself cringing at the fact that you were laughing in the first place. Every possible offensive stereotype is included in this one episode alone.

So not PC...

As Brown students, we like to think we live in a pretty accepting community. This show, in its absurdity, reminds us how we can still make progress towards solving racial issues while maintaining our sense of humor. You can’t simply shop an Ethnic Studies course once (note: you must watch the episode to understand the reference…see what I did there?). Check out the pilot before the next episode comes out.

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