Time-waster of the day: January 31, 2013

originalYou see, this is what I was getting at with the whole creepy Graph Searches thing. For the gratuitous run-up to the Super Bowl—I saw Dan Marino playing football on a daytime talk show yesterday on the TV in the basement of Faunce—Deadspin has created a very cool fandom map for the NFL. The first image shows fans’ allegiances during the regular season, but later images offer something even more interesting. With the help of Facebook, they were able to create maps of fans’ preferences before each round of this year’s playoffs. The results? Looks like the Ravens are a bit regionally challenged. The last, and maybe coolest feature? You can see what team the friends of fans of a certain team are most likely to support. It shocks me that so many people are likely to be friends of Cowboys fans.

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