(BlogDH) Veggie Fun RI

Looking for a delicious restaurant that meets all of your kosher, vegan, pan-asian needs? Look no further! Veggie Fun RI is the place to be. You will feel at peace from the restaurant’s soothing ambiance from the moment you walk in. Bring a few friends and relax over its aesthetically pleasing and oh-so large mugs as you choose from its awesome selection of teas (we recommend the Raspberry Earl and the Fire Light Chai). If tea isn’t your thing, and you’re over 21, check out their extremely extensive bar menu, ranging from six different wine lists and hot and cold sake to margaritas.

Let’s talk appetizers. Choose from your all of your pan-asian favorites, or venture off into Veggie Fun’s original specialties. We recommend the autumn rolls, filled with shredded vegetables, enoki mushrooms, and bamboo shoots wrapped in fire-red soybean sheets; they come with an amazing sriracha-like dipping sauce. Or try the crispy soy nuggets with tangy, Asian dipping sauces. You’ll be willing to ditch the V-Dub vegan nuggets for these.

On to the next course! The choices are endless. Be sure to bring your gluten-free buds to check out the crazy-long wheat-free menu. There is seriously something here for everyone. We love tofu teriyaki, filled with broccoli spears, bean sprouts, and onions, drizzled in teriyaki sauce and the pad thai! Feeling something a little healthier? Try the grilled eggplant with a side of miso sauce.

Don’t worry, we’d never forget about dessert. Be ready to stare at the waiter incredulously after you take a bite of the mint-chocolate chip (soy!) ice cream and learn that it is in fact dairy-free. There’s also chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry soy ice cream. Seriously cray. The whole trek to Dorrance Street (it’s less than a mile walk and will take you around 20 minutes from the hill) will be worth it for this ice cream. Or for the brown rice pudding.

Veggie Fun RI is located right down the hill at 123 Dorrance Street. Don’t worry–if you don’t feel like making the trek, Veggie Fun RI delivers. Place your order online.

And finally, if you’re lucky in love on Valentine’s Day, you should consider taking your date to Veggie Fun RI for dinner on February 14th! As part of its Valentine’s Day Special, Veggie Fun RI invites you to enjoy a five course dinner: Have a bottle of wine, soup or salad, appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Form a dinner group full of friends with even the most bizarre diet restrictions and we guarantee you everyone will find plenty of fantastic and interesting options to eat!

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