BlogWeeklyJamz: “The electric sheep are dreaming up your fate”

After a Winter Break-long hiatus, BlogWeeklyJamz is back. We’ll be adding a new genre to the mix each week, but for now, the first week of non-shopping period, here are five jamz!

Indie – Shugo Tokumaru – Katachi
I cannot play music or sing music or write music, so I inevitably decided that making music videos would be my calling. You just have to like music! And put some colors on a wall! And dress the band in weird hats! … No. This new Shogu Tokumaru video makes it clear that I don’t have the necessary patience to make little cut-outs of wolves and wine bottles.

Jam of the Week – Jakwob ft. Maiday – Fade
I am such a sucker for songs that have loaded silences. Listen to 1:02 and 2:29. That shit don’t play around.

Pop – Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie

Hip-Hop – ZZ Ward ft. Kendrick Lamar – Cryin Wolf
The hip-hop equivalent of a bar fight over a particularly sassy prostitute in 1880s Colorado.

Throwback – Incubus – Talk Shows on Mute
One of the greatest injustices in modern times: Incubus being known mostly for the song “Drive.” That song sounds like Creed. That song is terrible and talks about “taking the wheel” of life. Gagggggg. Incubus was actually really dark and weird and awesome, such as the song above.

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