Weather you like it or not: Nemo’s coming to find us

nemo says hello

Continuing the 2012-2013 trend of not-so-cute storms named after completely adorable pop culture characters, Nor’easter Nemo—now many leagues over the sea—is going to find us. Weather forecasts estimate that Nemo will bring 12 to 18 inches of snow with the potential to top two feet and that Nemo will go down in history as the blizzard not to mess with. Classes have already been cancelled in anticipation of this forthcoming Nor’easter.

I guess we touched the butt.touched the butt gif

The snow will begin to fall in earnest around 6 a.m. Friday morning and will seriously pick up around Friday night, potentially falling at around 2-3 inches an hour. Heavy snow will continue throughout Saturday and will taper off in the night.

Make sure you’ve stocked up one Easy Mac and toilet paper (last time I went to CVS, supplies were pretty scarce). Hot chocolate is nice, too. Stay warm, don’t go outside unless absolutely necessary, and do your homework. (Just kidding.)

While the storm is expected to be serious, it begs the question: who names these things?

First they went through an O.C. phase: Hurricane Superstorm Sandy (Cohen) swept the East Coast and allowed Margaret Klawunn, the most recent addition to our list of favorite university administrators, to rise to

Draco (Malfoy) was terrifying.

Draco (Malfoy) was terrifying.

the occasion and cancel classes for two days. These name-givers then showed their interest in Greek mythology by calling November’s snow storm Winter Storm Athena. Then Winter Storm Draco (Malfoy) hit the Midwest during finals.

And now I guess they’re into Pixar.

Yeah, we know they go in alphabetical order with these storms. Regardless, this isn’t a situation to make light of, so stay safe. It’s gonna just keep snowing, just keep snowing…

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