Rhode Island to (maybe) legalize pot

Rhode Island is working on it.

Rhode Island is officially looking to help you enjoy your favorite weekly daily never 4/20 activity. Following Colorado’s and Washington (state)’s successes in November, your friendly neighborhood State Representatives and Senators have a filed a bill to legalize marijuana for students adults 21 and older.

Federal law still technically has a ban on the substance, a bill to give states the right to do- ahem– whatever regarding pot will be introduced next Tuesday to the House of Representatives.

RI State Rep. Edith Ajello believes “it is time for Rhode Island… to adopt a more sensible approach [to pot] just as our nation did with alcohol 80 years ago.”

Today, illegal substances don’t give way to fun speakeasies and awesome flapper dresses (i.e. Gatsby trailer). Today there are just more crowded dorm rooms. No awesome dresses.

Legalization will help the economy in ways that I don’t quite understand (I am taking Econ S/NC)… but it’ll create jobs, tax revenue, and other stuff, I think. Plus, we’ll be able to smoke.

(That is, if the bill passes…)

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