3 episodes of The Simpsons students in blizzards should watch


The last blizzard this big to hit Brown was so long ago, the Simpsons weren’t even around. In honor of my favorite show, and for the many closeted The Simpsons fans out there, the remaining time you have in this snow weekend for you to reminisce about the good times with your favorite yellow family. Get under some blankets, drink some Duff, and enjoy these three Simpsons episodes that are most appropriate to watch in this snowy ambiance.

1) “Bart Gets an F” – (Season 2, Episode 1) This episode is for the student who convinces him/herself to use Friday’s snow day to work, catch up on an assignment, or study for an upcoming test. But really, Thursday night was just an extension on drinking. In this episode, Bart prayed for a snow day. Maybe no one prayed for Nemo, but who didn’t try praying for no school once in his/her life? That was what childhood was about: spoons under pillows, pajamas inside out, etc. I would pray for snow days on days I had double Talmud class (yes, I went to Jewish day school. Oy.) Essentially, I prayed to get out of praying. Whether you are a theologian or not, this episode hits home for anyone who initially wanted a snow day for school purposes, only to spend the day making snow angels.


2) “Skinner’s Sense of Snow” – (Season 12, Episode 8) Imagine if a snowstorm trapped about 1,000 undergrads and Christina Paxson in the Ratty. What would happen? Anarchy? Canabalism? Paxsonanagrams? In this episode, Bart and his gang of friends are trapped in Springfield Elementary and raise hell on Principal Skinner. Watch this episode if you enjoy Homer Simpson hallucinations, want Brown to have a Groundskeeper Willie of its own (Groundskeeper Gail, anyone?), or once had a guinea pig named Nibbles (check).

3) “Mr. Plow” – (Season 4, Episode 9) While this episode has little to do with school, it needed be on this list. How many off-campus students are waiting for Mr. Plow to clean their driveways? Alas, as I write this, I see my neighbors shoveling snow in their driveway, while I sing to myself “Call Mr. Plow, that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Plow.” The episode features the first animated appearance of Adam West before he was the mayor of Quahog and features the best use of a radio dial in the history of television. Ultimately, this episode is a classic, even if it meant watching my own dad imitate this rap.


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