Sextion: Four of your most sensitive body parts to enjoy this Valentine’s Day


Editorial Disclaimer: This post has been created by college students for college students.  It has been rated NC-17 for its sexual nature and anatomically graphic references. Please proceed at your own risk. Thanks for reading! Love, BlogDH

Just imagine your romantic Valentine’s Day: you’ve used our Dating Approval Matrix and have managed to plan a successful and thoughtful date this Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’ve just eaten an amazing dinner full of foods that double as aphrodisiacs, and you’ve got the perfect mood music playlist planned out. Now it’s time to take it to the bedroom so that the V-Day action can commence. Yeah, we’re talking enjoyable V-Day action. What better day to learn more about the most erogenous zones than on this beautiful day? Welcome to Sextion: we’ll be drilling you with factoids about four of the most erogenous and elusive parts of the human body: the clitoris and the G-spot of the female anatomy and the frenulum and the prostate of the male’s. There is always something new to learn about these most important body parts and you will learn how to find, stimulate, and thoroughly enjoy these essential areas.

The Clitoris:  Flicking the bean, the little man in the boat: there are many euphemisms to describe the clitoris. But it is so much more than that. That little nub is the only part of the human body with no specific function other than sexual pleasure. It is the most sensitive part of the human body, with over 8,000 sensory nerve fibers, according to Rebecca Chalker, author of The Clitoral Truth. That’s over two times that of the entire head of the penis! But, what is most astonishing about the clitoris is that it wasn’t until the 1990s that we really learned the full internal structure of this essential sex organ.

So what does this internal clitoris mean for you? Well, while we can only see 1 cm of the external clitoris, there is an entire internal structure just waiting to be stimulated. As a woman gets more aroused, blood flow increases in the clitoris, just as it does in the penis. So those two little bulbs that you see in the picture actually engorge around the vaginal walls, creating a tighter-feeling vagina! So foreplay is essential! Each woman varies in the level of direct clitoral contact that gives her the most pleasure. Some women like direct rubbing right on the head using the fingers or tongue, while others may find that the head of their clitoris is too sensitive to be stimulated directly and prefer stimulation directly outside of the clitoris. Talk to your partner about what kind of pressure is best for her and start gently and work your way towards harder pressure. You may want to also consider trying sex positions that increase clitoris stimulation: missionary is great for this, especially with a pillow placed under her hips to tip her slightly upwards, as well as doggie-style where either of you can stimulate her manually. Check out the Museum of Sex blog for more information on the internal clitoris!

The G-Spot: Did you know that the G-spot is actually called the Gräfenburg spot, named after the 1940s German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenburg? This structure is incredibly controversial and its existence is under a great deal of scrutiny. Many even believe that the G-spot is actually just a part of the internal clitoris mentioned above. So if you’re on the hunt for the elusive G-spot, here’s how you find it: enter the vagina with 1 or 2 fingers; at about 2 to 3 inches, hook them in a “come hither” motion, feeling for a surface that feel sort of like these childhood instruments, but spongy. The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, and requires direct, firm pressure. I know this sounds entirely too vague, but just as every woman’s clitoris is different, so is every woman’s vagina. Some feel little to nothing when they are stimulated on the front walls of the vagina, some even feel like they have to pee. Others have the best orgasms of their lives from this type of stimulation. So if you and your partner find that the G-spot is the way to go, just keep on going. I would suggest using your fingers to stimulate her G-spot while simultaneously using your mouth to stimulate her clitoris. But that’s just an idea. Sex positions known to increase G-spot stimulation are ones where the penis or sex toy can reach the front wall of the vagina, so doggie-style and woman-on-top are good for that.

The Frenulum: Here we get into a bit of the male anatomy. While there are technically frenula all over the body, including the clitoris and in the mouth, the one we are referring to here is directly under the head of the penis. It is that little bit of elastic tissue that connects the head of the penis to the shaft and foreskin. While the head of the penis is the most sensitive area, this area is particularly sensitive to touch, especially light and soft stimulation. So when pleasuring your partner manually or orally, consider taking a second to send the frenulum some love. Just simply rubbing over it with the pad of your thumb or tongue with increasing pressure can send him in over the edge. The meatus, or the slit right at the head of the penis, is also incredibly sensitive, so rub there too!

The Prostate: The prostate gland’s primary purpose is to secrete the milky white alkaline fluid that constitutes 50-75% of the seminal fluid. The muscles of the prostate also help expel semen during ejaculation. Many men can reach orgasm from prostate stimulation alone, both internally and externally. Like the G-spot, the prostate is located on the inner wall of the anus, so similar concepts can be applied in stimulating this round bulb of tissue, though not as much pressure need be applied in the hooking, “come hither” motion, as the lining of the anus is much more sensitive. Keep in communication with your partner about the level of pressure and speed that you want to be going at. Going slowly and using a lot of lubricant are necessary when first embarking on anal play. If you are uncomfortable with internal prostate stimulation, the prostate can receive pressure externally as well. Simply place a few fingers on your partner’s perineum (otherwise known as the taint or grundle), the expanse of skin between the testicles and the anus, and rub or push to apply pressure to the prostate. This can be done in tandem to stimulating the penis or the testicles and is a perfect way to bring your partner home when he’s on the brink of orgasm. But remember, ask first!

All body parts are erogenous if you know how to use ’em (…and I didn’t even get to touch on the nipples or earlobes)! And of course, as with any sexual act, communication is key. Every body is different. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, email me at Your emails will be kept in complete confidence.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, everyone.


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