A Valentine’s Day pep talk

(BlogDH) Valentines 2

Hey, you. Yeah, you. You, sitting there reading this with tears rolling down your face as you gnaw at a giant Hershey’s Kiss your mom sent you. Okay, that’s not you – that was me, Valentine’s Day 2010. Trust me, I of all people know how much it sucks to be alone on Valentine’s Day.  I wrote a whole post about it last year, too. But here’s the first thing you can feel better about: your Valentine’s Day probably won’t be anywhere near as pathetic as mine was three years ago.

I know that it’s easy to feel like you’re the only single person on a campus full of couples, whether or not that’s actually true. Three of the seven serenades that will inevitably happen in City Politics this morning might be jokes sent between friends, but you don’t know that. On Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to put on those black heart-shaped sunglasses and see romance everywhere.

You can’t let it get to you. I know that’s easier said than done, I really do. But think of all the perks you’ll get as a single person today. Dinner lines at the Ratty? They’ll be nonexistent – can you imagine having to wait for an hour for a table at Paragon as the door keeps opening, dripping Thayer slush onto your head? That carrel you always try to snag on the third floor of the Rock will be vacant, for once. You can lie in bed and watch TV while everyone’s coupled up, or catch up on the work they’ll neglect tonight. Not having to hold anyone’s hand as you walk around campus means it’ll be significantly easier for you to avoid patches of ice, and you’ll have no one’s crap to hold after your significant other slips on the ice and hurts his/her/phe leg.

Not that any of us are wishing for bad things to happen to people in relationships. They’re lucky; we’re not – it’s just a fact of life. Keep reminding yourself that luck is really all it is. You’re awesome. I bet you’re good-looking and successful. I bet that high school students on Thayer Street stare and awkwardly try to hit on you when you’re just trying to get to East Side Pockets. You’re young. You might be single right now, but you won’t always be – unless you want to, which is also fine. It’s one day out of a whole year, and chances are by the time you’re reading this it’s half-over.

And think about it this way: tomorrow morning, all those happy couples will be sore and hungover from tonight’s “celebrating.” You, on the other hand, will have half-price chocolate from CVS. Forget what you learned in preschool, because the rules change when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You most certainly do not have to share. Treat yo’ self.

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