Chow Down Brown: Geoff’s sandwiches you can recreate on meal plan

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My first Geoff’s experience was four years ago when my family and I made the trek up I-95 for my older sister’s college visits. While I wish the instant I sunk my teeth into that superlative sandwich was the moment I knew Brunonia held a spot in my future, I remember being unimpressed by its flavor and only semi-appreciated the giant barrel of free pickles. Then again, I made the rookie mistake of creating my own boring sandwich. I now know that the extensive sandwich board serves to work in your favor — don’t mess with it. Four years later and over three months into my freshman year, I ventured down Meeting Street for a second taste — and, as my friend’s Instagram caption reveals, a meal that is truly “heaven between two slices of bread.”  Although the making of these sandwiches is debatably art, and the vibe of the establishment certainly plays into its deliciousness factor, here are some ways to recreate a Geoff’s original with the simple swipe of your ID:

Katie’s picks:

Barbara Morse: Okay, so I looked this one up. Apparently Mockingbird (Barbara “Bobbi” Morse) is a fictional superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe. Although Barbs has no superpowers, she’s a trained agent who graduated at the top of her class and also possesses a PhD in biology.  Can you say overachiever? On top of all that, Barbs embraces the vegetarian lifestyle — her go-to Blue Room creation is hummus, spinach, cucumbers, tomato, onions, vinegar.  Geoff’s? $6.99. Blue Room? Priceless $6.25.

The Juggs: One of Geoff’s most popular delicacies, The Juggs is easy to recreate at the Ratty. Turkey, cranberry, cheddar cheese – its all available on the grill line! Okay, who am I kidding? Live a little and go to Geoff’s for this hot turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, shedd’s sauce and cranberry creation. Beware — they probably will question your vegetarianism when you ask to hold the bacon. Stay strong.

Bob Colona: Peanut butter, bacon, and cheddar cheese. We dare you to try this one. Let us know how that goes…

Cara’s picks:

Grilled Cheese: Apparently, Geoff’s specialty isn’t really grilled cheese. However, if you ask them to put four different kinds of cheese into a sandwich and melt it, they’ll do it. Unfortunately, they will dub you the “Cheese Goddess,” much to the embarrassment of everybody around you.

You can easily recreate this one by going to a dining hall, getting all the cheese you can find, and putting it in the panini maker. Be a cheese goddess, baby.

Hot Sandwich Boy: This isn’t a sandwich. However, there is a really really cute boy who works there, known only as “sandwich boy.” Make me a sandwich. (Unfortunately, only certain members of the crew team can recreate this.)


Although recreating Geoff’s sandwiches is a fun challenge for those of us who aspire to be on Top Chef, a Geoff’s visit is an amusement, and if that’s not enough for y’all, it’s definitely a guaranteed ten plus “likes”on Instagram. #nom

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