Calling all Brunonians: Let’s get ourselves a nap room


We Brown students lead busy lives: we go from class to class, from activity to activity without a chance to get some quality rest in the middle of the day. Falling asleep in the library or in the Leung Family Gallery is neither socially acceptable nor practical, and sometimes, your own bed feels like it’s miles away. Guess what? The Boston Globe reported that a sophomore at Harvard started a petition for a nap room in which students could get some shut-eye between classes. This petition got 191 “yes” votes, and now the Harvard administration is actually considering making a nap room.

Do you know what this means? If we come together as a (tired) student body, we can make things happen. Brunonians: let’s get ourselves a nap room. Click here to fill out the petition.


  1. Molly

    You know what we should get … Energy Pods! I visited my friend at Wesleyan and they have these in their libraries, they’re super cool and super futuristic

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