18+ nights might be “history”

Update: Our original report cited a source stating that the Judiciary Committee would vote on this bill on Wednesday, and that if passed the law would go into effect “immediately.” It turns out, however, that the whole State House won’t be getting to it tomorrow. Whisko is safe (for now).

According to this press release, the Rhode Island House Committee on Corporations will consider a bill that would ban 18+ nights at clubs in Rhode Island on Wednesday. No one under 21 would be allowed in a nightclub that serves alcohol. If the Committee is on board, we could be on our way to Whisko-free Wednesdays. We’ll see soon.

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  1. Gabrielle Hick

    No! Not Wisco! Please, God, no! What else will I do with my Wednesday nights?

  2. Ben Williams

    I definitely agree with this bill. I think that underage drinking is a crime and I will personally report anyone that I see drinking before the age of 21. I don’t think that alcohol is the only way to have fun!

  3. Does the bill target wednesdays specifically?

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