BlogWeeklyJamz: “We made pretend we were best friends”

Jam of the Week – Rhye – Open
This song has been around for a while but there’s a new music video. In classic Rhye fashion, the video features a couple dealing with Jonathan Franzen-style bourgeois ennui.

Cover – Azealia Banks – Barely Legal (The Strokes Cover)
I cannnnnnot get over this song. I play it when I’m getting ready for school. I play it when I’m doing homework. It’s simultaneously background noise and the fliest shit in the world. I hope Azealia Banks stops using homophobic language because this secures her place in my heart as an eternal BAMF.

Pop – Perfume – Fake It
The Internet loves Japanese pop-star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and for good reason because she’s the weirdest. But sometimes I want to return to good ol’ uncomplicated J-Pop, and Perfume fills that void perfectly. Plus all three of them are painfully cute and I like seeing them bop around in those little outfits.

Hip-HopKanye West – Hold On ft. Consequence (Remix)
Previously unreleased Kanye song. I unabashedly love everything he releases.

IndieMagic Man – Paris
I’m really impressed they made the song match to this weird vaudeville video! Aside from being easily amused by video production, Magic Man is … FROM PROVIDENCE. REPPIN’ HARDCORE. 

Electronic – Lemaitre – Continuum
The only way I can explain Lemaitre’s appealing electronica simplicity is that every one of their songs makes an amazing ringtone. This is my current ringtone.

Mashup/Remix Flight Facilities – Triple J Mixup 1992-2002
Flight Facilities has started making these incredible mixes that put popular and influential songs from selected decades over important political events from the same time. Here’s the newest one. Around 52:47 I get chills when they layer 9/11 coverage on top of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us” from the incredible album, “Discovery.”

(P.S. Later it was turned into an amazing music video anime called “Interstella 5555” which I embarrassingly own on DVD. Watch past the first song “One More Time” before it gets epic, I promise.)

Throwback Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go
Bow chika wow wow.

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