State of the City: Spotlight on crime


Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife—a crime spree is devastating local businesses.

Beef thief. A supermarket thief is currently on the lam after stealing $320 in porterhouse steaks from a grocery store in Franklin, MA, WPRI reported. The store’s surveillance videos show a man leaving the store with 26 steaks. Is the thief hosting the world’s most epic barbeque, or does he just have the world’s worst black eye? Either way, the stakes have been raised in the meat theft game.

Dick’s hurting after stolen balls. A golf ball theft is chipping away at the profits of Dick’s Sporting Goods in Smithfield, RI. Last week, a woman made off with eight boxes or more than $380 worth of golf balls, WPRI reported. The woman is currently on RI’s list of Most Wanted criminals.

Laundromat larceny. The Providence police are looking for a suspect who robbed a laundromat at knifepoint Saturday morning, the ProJo reported. The thief made a clean getaway with $1,200, but luckily no people were injured. He must have needed a large bag for all of those quarters.

Fish out of water. A fish named Big Blue, the only survivor of a Fall River, MA pet store robbery last month, has nearly made a full recovery, the owner of the burglarized shop told WPRI. The thief broke into the pet shop last month and purposefully shattered a 180-gallon fish tank, killing thousands of dollars worth of exotic fish and coral after stealing computers from the business, the store’s surveillance videos showed. Big Blue spent six hours on the floor of the shop with no water and suffered injuries from the break-in.

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