Frosh-cessities: Summer 2013

Okay, so The Parent Trap also happens to be my favorite movie.

Okay, so The Parent Trap also happens to be my favorite movie.

The summer after freshman year is looming, and while the new season brings the promise of warm weather (unlike springtime in Providence), some of you 2016ers are still scrambling to secure post-May 17th plans. For four years, however, I’ve highly anticipated Summer 2013 – the summer I will finally be of age to work at the all-girls camp I attended for six summers. My friends can vouch for how much I incessantly talk about adore this place. But this winter, despite already having signed the counselor contract, I had a few weak moments of self-doubt. I felt pressured to do something a bit more “legit,” socially acceptable, serious, resume-worthy, etc.

Maybe, just maybe, if I were lucky, the CareerLAB gods and goddesses would send down an internship, which would affirm that history, political science, public policy, urban studies whatever I’m planning to declare is the right concentration for me. My decision to work in Maine felt more like a juvenile risk and an excuse not to go to CareerLAB inteview for a “real” job/internship.  But after reading a NYT article (I promise I don’t regularly read the NYT parenting blog) and some sort of epiphany, I realized that I seriously needed to STFU stop letting societal and self-pressures influence me.

One of the reasons I came to Brown was that life on College Hill did not seem like the pressure-cooker environment that high school had been. And while these past few months have certainly met my expectations, I have to meet Brown halfway. No, I’m not advocating for you to slack off and take the easy way out. Instead, I am encouraging all of you 2016ers to take this summer to reflect on your first year in college and prepare yourself for a more academically strenuous fall semester, internship or no internship.  In the end, where better will I be able to soul search than the great Maine outdoors without the distractions of Facebook technology? I have the opportunity to spend three months at the place and with the people I love most, and I would be a fool to pass that up. So my advice to you all is not to worry about securing plans that “look good” on paper, but to take advantage of this summer to do what you love, even if that entails living without electricity and lifeguarding frolicking by a lake in Poland, Maine.

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