Norovirus (aka stomach flu) outbreak on campus

“I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.”

An email was sent out at noon today regarding the recent influx of students reporting gastrointestinal illness to Health Services. It does seem that, these days, every few hours you are hearing of someone else getting the dreaded stomach bug, and there’s nothing sadder than sober vomiting.

The email suggests contacting Health Services if you’re suffering from intense dehydration, prolonged vomiting/diarrhea, and other troublesome medical symptoms that hopefully you would have noticed even if no one had emailed you. Prevention is sort of hard when everyone shares bathrooms/goes to the Ratty/touches stuff other people touch, but exercising extreme hand hygiene during this time is recommended. You might even want to be that person who carries Purell around with them.

Unfortunately, I had the flu last week, before it was trendy, and am now getting all these worried texts like, “Did you experience some tiredness?!? I’m feeling sort of tired … maybe I’m sick?” Interestingly enough, it seems as though hypochondria and viruses spread at the same rate.

While it would absolutely suck to be sick for the first few days of break, it is is sort of a blessing in disguise this is happening right before we leave – there’s a much greater likelihood of making it out alive uncontaminated with the prospect of our own beds in the near future. Good luck staying healthy! Wash your hands!

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  1. MD/PhD Student

    Like the BDH article pointed out (and has been replicated by many studies, see the one below in a lecture from the Emory school of public health) hand washing with regular soap and water is more effective than alcohol based sanitizers (i.e. purell) for removing norovirus (aka norwalk virus) from your hands.

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