Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony on Rhode Island Marriage Equality Amendment

Picture of BAMF Matthew Lannon from RIFuture.Org

Picture of BAMF Matthew Lannon from RIFuture.Org

Rhode Island politicians took testimony about an amendment that will legalize same-sex marriage on Thursday. Some highlights from the opponents of the amendment:

  • State Senator Metts legitimately claims that it’s important to consider the “cosmic battle between God and Satan” in this discussion.
  • Dr. Susan Yoshiharo cites faulty studies that claim gay parents are worse parents.

Some great moments from the supporters of the amendment:

  • 6th grader from Wheeler School Matthew Lannon who has two moms asks RI to “Choose Love!”
  • Rhode Island College Professor Wendy Becker didn’t fuck around: “Our family, our relationship will not destroy the fabric of society. We are the fabric of society.”

While I’m clearly biased, a Senate vote to determine the fate of the bill could be months away. Nonetheless, these testimonies are really important to whether the Senate eventually passes this landmark piece of legislation.

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