Winter ISN’T coming: ‘Game of Thrones’ meets Brown

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The time has come for another exhilarating, drunk season of Game of Thrones. What does the future hold for the land of Westeros? More importantly, what does this season mean for your liver?

Behold, the Game of Thrones Drinking Game: Brown Edition. Take the quiz below to get sorted into a house and let the fun begin.


An obnoxious frat bro you know needs a favor. He’s begging. What do you do?

A: Do it with honor and with civility. He’s your bro.

B: Nothing. You have better shit to do.

C: Ask your friends if you should. You’re not very good at making decisions alone.

D: Yes, since he helped you in a time of need (i.e. holding your hair back while you barfed at a Sigma party). You always repay your debts.

You notice that your significant other has been acting suspicious lately. What do you do?

A: Ignore it: you’re busy performing your duty and don’t have time for distractions.

B: Get a Dothraki witch to “heal” them. Because that totally works.

C: Who cares? You have a hot redhead on the side.

D: Screw your own sister in retaliation.

You hate your internship and your 23-year-old boss just asked you to go to Starbucks for the third time today. You didn’t sign up for this! What do you do?

A: Suck it up. The only reliable way to get ahead is by playing by the rules.

B: Get your hooligan friends to beat up your boss, who is a 20-something-year-old Brooklynite with a bad goatee and commands no respect.

C: Bide your time until the last day, then give him a horrible evaluation.

D: Screw your own sister in retaliation.

What’s your favorite 80s song?

A: “Hungry Like the Wolf”

B: “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

C: “We Built This City”

D: “Eye of the Lion Tiger”

What’s your major?

A: Anything that leads to law school. There is nothing more honorable than the law.

B: Hmm… Is joining the army an option?

C: LOL I’m partying too hard to care.

D: Business. Are you kidding? That’s the only major that matters.


Mostly A’s: You are a Stark.
Mostly B’s: You are a Targaryen.
Mostly C’s: You are a Baratheon.
Mostly D’s: You are a Lannister.



Congratulations! You are now part of one of the many dysfunctional families of Westeros. You must:

1) Take one drink every time your house motto is said.

  • Stark: “Winter is coming”
  • Targaryen: “Fire and blood”
  • Baratheon: “Ours is the Fury”
  • Lannister: “Hear Me Roar!” or “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

2) Take one drink if your character/house member draws his/her weapon.

3) Take one drink for full-frontal nudity.

4) Take two drinks if your character/house member is called by/referred to by their family’s sigil.

  • Stark: Direwolf
  • Targaryen: Dragon
  • Baratheon: Crowned stag
  • Lannister: Lion

5) Take three drinks if one of your characters kills someone.

6) Kill your drink if any of your characters are killed.

7) Take a shot every time Daenerys says “I am the Mother of Dragons!” Psyche, you wouldn’t make it through the episode if you did this one.

8) Take one drink every time Jon Snow feels uncomfortable about sex.

9) Take one drink whenever Joffrey is the douchiest douchebag in all the land.

10) Take a shot every time Tyrion is a (p)imp.

Godspeed, Brunonians. Godspeed.


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