BlogWeeklyJamz: “We’re the kings of the playground”

Throwback – Erykah Badu – Honey
Flawless human. Flawless music history lesson.

Hip-Hop (/Pop) – Skizzy Mars – Sideways
At this point you know that melodic / slightly slow-burning hip-hop is my jam…and when I graduate in May, someone else can give you more hard-core rap, so stop complaining. Skizzy Mars’ whole debut mixtape “Phases” is great.

Electronic – Flying Lotus – A Glitch is a Glitch
Sometimes you see something on the internet that you can’t believe is real because OMG those are my favorite things TOGETHER. This is one of those times. Flying Lotus teamed up with greatest-tv-show-if-you’re-a-weirdo-like-me Adventure Time to write an ending credit song. So much love. Here’s the full version.

RemixYolanda Be Cool – A Baru in New York (Flume Re-work)
My fave electro music producer Flume apparently “remade” this song (originally by Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool) but it sounds nothing like the original song. Either way, this song is immediately going on my “Pensively Looking Out the Amtrak Window” playlist.

Indie – Dan Croll – Compliment Your Soul
I am such a hardcore Dan Croll fangirl. Listen to this song too.

Jam of the Week – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – If You Didn’t See Me
The musical ghost of “Of Montreal” is possessing this band and I couldn’t be happier about it!!!!!

PBR&BMax Frost – My Walk (Carry On)
I am so impressed by the grooviness of this white Texan kid. He’s churning out hits and I’m actually surprised he hasn’t gotten more buzz. My favorite is actually “White Lies” but it doesn’t have a video yet …sighhhhhh. BlogWeeklyJamz why you need so many videos?

PopMartin Solveig – Hey Now (feat. Kyle)
Happy-go-lucky song for being four drinks in at a silly Power Stewwr dance party. The featured singer Kyle is great in his own right, check him out.

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