The 12 Days of Spring Weekend is here


After months of anticipation and longing, we’ve finally traded in our longsleeve shirts for our tanks, purchased our fannypacks, and begun listening to Kendrick Lamar and A-Trak on repeat, over…and over…and over again. Guess what, Brunonia? We’re in the homestretch now: 12 Days of Spring Weekend, our favorite series of the year, is officially back in action.

For the next 12 days leading up to the main event(s), BlogDailyHerald will be here day in and day out to impart our Spring Weekend wisdom and give you pointers about how to make your Spring Week (un)forgettable. We’ll be coming at you with artist profiles, epic advice, weather forecasts, and repeat performances from Spring Week MVP Furby and last year’s Spring Week Rookie of the Year Michael Jordan.

Put on your rage hat, update your iTunes library, and start hydrating. It’s go time.

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