(Pre-)Frosh-cessities: What to expect at ADOCH


This is exactly what College Hill looks like when you first arrive.

Getting into Brown feels awesome, but before you come visit there are a few things that you should be ready for.

Warning: This article will deal with more meaningful things to expect rather than simply run through the typical nuggets of wisdom: “bring a toothbrush,” “three days = three pairs of underwear,” etc.

First and most importantly: You are not “too cool” for anything.

The train ride to Hogwarts: All of the accepted students are invited to sit in the back two cars of a particular Amtrak train that is reserved for Brown. The trip to Providence can be a long one, especially for the kids coming from D.C., so your experience will come in waves:

  1.  It will be awkward. You’re hungry and it looks like some people already made friends so you’ll feel behind.
  2. Everyone warms up to each other… eventually. Then they have cute pre-frosh conversations for about an hour.

The pendulum will swing back and forth between these two states as you are all constantly reminded that the train ride is longer than one hour.

Your hostUnderstand two things:

  1. Brown’s midterms literally last all semester long, so your host may be really stressed out.
  2. You are coming to visit a few days before Spring Week Weekend.

The host that seemed super excited to host you a few weeks ago may act weird. It’s important to stay calm and not judge him/her. You’ll be sleeping on his/her floor, and that’s it; that’s the only dimension of your symbiotic parasitic relationship. Sometimes, hosts are awesome and make your ADOCH experience, and sometimes they aren’t, but you will find awesome current students during your visit – it just may involve leaving the dorm.

At least, "ice cream for everybody" is how we choose to interpret it.

At least, “ice cream for everybody” is how we choose to interpret it.

The ice cream social: Bishes love ice cream. We guarantee people other than pre-frosh will show up to those delicious tents on Main Green. You’ll see a lot of people there: everyone from drunken freshmen to nostalgic seniors will be there. Remember that the free ice cream is for you. Indulge the non-pre-frosh: use them as people to socialize with and to tell you more about Brown’s culture.

“So what are you thinking of majoring in?”: People are going to ask this question a lot.  Don’t get hung up on it. Instead, take a deep breath and use it as a jumping-off point for a conversation about something more interesting, like Brown’s New Curriculum or the school’s several extra-curricular opportunities.

Just saying...

Just saying…

“So what other schools are you looking at?”:  If this question comes from a current student, just answer it so we can shit on all the other schools in the country (just kidding… but Brown is the best). It’s a stupid question that always makes one person feel bad and another person feel superior. To those of you that have already decided on coming to Brown: Beware that a good portion of accepted students have gotten into a lot of other big-name schools. Don’t let it get you down, because when you show up in September for orientation, we promise that your class will be ever true to Brown. Also, Harvard sucks.

Not raging: Obviously, you are going to encounter lots of different opinions about whether or not you should party while you’re at Brown. Let us throw in our two cents:  EMS is for Brown’s current students, and you’ll have a whole four years to destroy your liver party here. Why not focus on more productive and wholesome things? Remember that you are on a mission while you’re here – to take in as much of Brown as possible…and that involves remembering ADOCH the morning after.

You might not make “BFFs”: ADOCH is a whirlwind of a weekend. You will meet a lot of people whose names you won’t remember. Some may become your friends next year, but there’s plenty of time to make that happen. Instead of nervously latching on to the person you sat next to on the train, try to be flexible and float from group to group. Making friends is the point of next year; the point of ADOCH is to enjoy yourself and get as good of a sense of Brown’s campus life as you can. Sure, maybe you’ll end up being best friends with someone you met at ADOCH, but you’ll definitely have more time to build your friendship with that person.

If we can give you some more broad ADOCH advice: venture beyond the confines of the ADOCH brochure. Don’t go to bed early: stay up late talking about the meaning of life with some current students. Then you’ll be getting a real taste of Brown.

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