Another year, another Spring Weekend ticket sale malfunction


Despite efforts to ensure that last year’s Spring Weekend ticket clusterfuck would never happen again, history seemed to repeat itself this morning. Spring Weekend ticket sale malfunctions? It must be spring! But you shouldn’t blame BCA. It was clearly a problem with the TouchNet payment processor that has exclusive contact with Brown. According to BCA’s most recent update, the only way you’ll know that you have successfully purchased tickets is if you have already received an e-mail confirmation. If you are one of the many frustrated confused exhausted people whose credit cards were charged but did neither received tickets nor e-mail confirmations, all processing/pending charges will be removed from your statement within 48 hours, according to BCA.

Don’t lose all hope…at least not yet. BCA also announced that both tonight (4/15) at 8 p.m and tomorrow (4/16) at 7 a.m. an additional 1250 tickets per concert will be released.

Here are some funny statuses to keep your mind off the stressful Lord of the Flies dynamic into which we seem to have devolved. Hey, at least we’re not alone…


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  1. Brown '14

    This is an absolute joke; Brown finds the time to send an email out regarding Spring Weekend tickets, yet we have received nothing from the University regarding the horrible events in Boston today.

    Many Boston-area schools have set up Google documents for people to keep track of friends and classmates who may have been at the Marathon today, yet Brown has sent zero communication to the community.

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