Did you really read Morning Mail? Free airbrushed tanks at Faunce tomorrow!

Faunce Airbrush

If you didn’t read Morning Mail this morning, you actually had a good excuse this time, thanks to the BSA. But this is something you won’t want to miss: tomorrow from 12-4 p.m., there will be an airbrush artist in front of the Faunce steps airbrushing custom tanks—for free! And you know we love free.

Thought you could come up with a better design than all the other Spring Weekend tanks? Now is your chance. Design your own tank and watch it come to life with a colorful spray of toxic chemicals. Head over to Faunce on Tuesday to throw it back to the coolest bar mitzvah party favor, with a fratty twist.

But we hope you have somewhere to wear it, because “Spring Weekend tank” doesn’t sound as exciting when you don’t have tickets to Spring Weekend.

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