Where in the world is Carmen Senior-diego?


As a senior, I am worried that once I leave Brown I won’t have any college grads to mingle with. I mean, who knows if anyone really lives in this town called New York City?

Thanks to this new Facebook page “Brown ’13: Put yourself on the Map,” I’m able to see where other graduating seniors are living next year. The instructions ask the seniors to go to the appropriate Google Maps page and click on the city/state/country where they will be living next year. The student then writes their name as well as their location. If they would like, they can describe their job or plans for next year.

The map is a very creative idea and allows seniors to see the wide range of places and fields in which people are working. Another bonus is that you can connect with people, those whom you may have been acquaintances or colleagues with, and develop a more authentic friendship on the foundation of your Brown roots.

Response to the website, however, is not all hunky dory. As heard through the grapevine, some seniors deem this an inappropriate outlet for bragging about job or graduate school opportunities. Some people’s job descriptions appear as if they have to defend themselves like saying “I’ll be in city X, but I don’t have a job yet. Don’t worry, I’ll find one soon.”

While many seniors are still searching for jobs, it’s okay to just put your name and location on the map. There’s no pressure- if anything, finding friends and contacts in the area around you may help you improve your job search. Regardless of this trivial issue, the option to see where ‘13ers will be next year is great to have. Of course, if you have an issue with it, you don’t need to place your name on the map and you can drift off into oblivion.

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  1. anon

    I’m sorry, but when did it become shameful to have a job or plan lined up after graduation?

  2. Shameless advertising

    A friend of mine already made an app that does this: http://alumanac.com/

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