(Campus)Lifehacker: Beat Brown-Secure


For those of you who may not know this already (Class of 2017), Brown-Secure is the reason why you were given Ethernet cables when you got to Brown. That is, it’s bad. Seriously bad. Even Benjamin Franklin had something to say about it: “Those who would give up all Essential Internets to purchase a little Cryptographic Security, will be really happy with Brown-Secure.”


Yeah… no.

Brown-Secure drops your slow connection every few minutes if you’re lucky, and you can forget about getting on Brown-Secure in a full lecture hall. Most experienced students opt for Brown-Guest or Brown-EZ for the optimal YouTube-viewing experience, but since those are unencrypted networks, that theoretically leaves your network traffic vulnerable to CS166 students who have just emerged from the CIT and are dying to test out their uber leet haxor skills. (Our network recommendation after the jump.)


But what’s this?

You may have noticed another network on campus called eduroam. eduroam is, according to its website, “the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.” As it turns out, all Brown students and faculty can connect to it pretty easily. Bonus: once you go through the quick setup, you can access eduroam from any institution that has it, including a bunch of places abroad.

To get on, check out these instructions CIS has provided. (Windows 8 users: try the instructions for Windows 7.) Once you’re connected…



Why yes, eduroam is literally ten times as fast as Brown-Secure. And just like that, BlogDH has completely revolutionized your Netflix binge-watching experience.

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