BlogDH Exclusive: Interview with ‘The Blue Room Door-Breaker’


As BlogDH has noted in the past, doors are not Brown’s strong suit. But their infamy rose by 100000% last night, when a frustrated and hungry student, Anthony Kanellopoulos ’16, accidentally shattered one of the Blue Room’s glass doors. A gracious and good-humored Kanellopoulos agreed to sit down with Blog—in the Blue Room itself—to tell us his story.

BlogDailyHerald: Alright, so, we’ll start with this–you are in fact the person who broke the Blue Room door?
Kanellopoulos: Just one door.

BlogDH: Okay, just one door.
K: Um, how about you don’t shout?

BlogDH: [Laughs] Alright. So give us a play-by-play.
K: I was about to leave the Blue Room. I was inside, and it was closing. I was about to step out. And the girl at the counter says to use the other door. So I’m like, “OK, I’ll use the other door.” The glass doors are almost closed, so I’m like, “I might as well shut these and go through the other side.” So I grab it to close it, and the moment I just pull it a little bit [mimes an explosion] that happens.

BlogDH: Are they making you pay for it?
K: I don’t know. They were just like, “okay yeah leave.” They didn’t tell me anything.

BlogDH: Do they know your name? Are we going to get you in trouble putting your name up here?
K: I don’t know. No one has asked me anything or like contacted me. So if they ask me to pay, I’ll send you guys the bill.

BlogDH: [Laughs.] Sounds good. What do you think are some positives to come out of this situation?
K: [Thinks for a while.] No clue, dude.

BlogDH: Nothing?
K: Nothing.

BlogDH: What about some good publicity? Like get some name recognition out there?
K: Maybe.

BlogDH: Were you hit by any of the glass?
K: Just a little bit. Like, nothing much.

BlogDH: Did you take any as a souvenir?
K: I should’ve. I should’ve taken the handle as a souvenir. I was just too surprised at the moment, so I completely forgot.

BlogDH: But if you do it again…?
K: There’s another door. I only broke one of the two.

BlogDH: What are some other times you might’ve broken something, and how does this compare?
K: [Thinks.]

BlogDH: Feel free to pass on any of these questions.
K: Lemme think, lemme think. Um… I don’t know. I don’t know.

BlogDH: Okay. How much can you bench press or squat?
K: [Laughs.] I don’t know. I don’t know that one either.

BlogDH: Alright. How about, have you ever hit so hard in love? You can pass on this one.
K: Um.. I’d say yes. I’d say yes.

BlogDH: Alright, Batman or Spider-man?
K: Batman.

BlogDH: Why? Compare their door-breaking abilities.
K: [Laughs.] Compare their door-breaking abilities? I don’t know, Batman just seems like more of a door-breaking guy.

BlogDH: How do you feel, looking back behind us [at the makeshift wooden door the Blue Room is currently using]?
K: Um. The glass doors look good. This isn’t… um. I don’t know. I hope they replace it soon. I feel bad about it.

BlogDH: Did you enjoy what you got in the Blue Room?
K: I think that’s why I broke the door. It wasn’t that good.

BlogDH: What’d you get?
K: Tuna sandwich. The wrapping was bad. Kinda annoyed me.

There you have it from the man himself. Wrap your tuna sandwiches better, Blue Room workers, and your doors will stay intact. Simple as that.

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