BlogDH Presents: BergeMash 2.0

BlogDH-BergemashAs we lament the impending departure of our favorite administrator, Dean of the College Katherine Bergeron (otherwise known as KBerge), we’ve naturally taken it upon ourselves to make BlogDH a Berge shrine of sorts. Not that Blog isn’t already a shrine to the legend… but we’re making this semester The Semester of the Berge. Think large hoop earrings, amazing superhero-like capes, and lots and lots of singing.

While we ask you to stay tuned for other KBerge-filled fun that we have in the pipeline, we’d be honored if you would play one last round of BergeMash with us before our majesty leaves the Hill for New London, Connecticut. We all enjoyed our inaugural game of BergeMash back in fall 2012, and in celebration of KBerge’s last semester on campus, we’re making this the best game of BergeMash the world’s ever seen. Enter BergeMash 2.0.

For those of you new to BergeMash, the essential questions and answers:

What’s BergeMash? Named after Brown’s beloved Dean of the College, BergeMash perfectly combines Dean Bergeron’s musical and academic interests in a hilariously fun and mentally stimulating game.

How do I play? The task is simple. Open up your iTunes. Pick a song. Take the title, add a colon to the end, and turn it into a Brown class offered by a specific department.

The BlogDH Brain Trust has been working diligently to make some of the best BergeMash creations. Ready… set… go.

1) AMST0660 — Started From the Bottom: Upward Social Mobility in Modern America
2) GNSS0540 – Big Booty Hoes: Intercultural Variations in the Perception of Physical Appearance
3) POLS1430 (Crosslisted as BIOL1270) — Sugar We’re Goin’ Down: The Politics of Sugar in a Health Conscious America
4) LING1100 – F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit: The Formation of Compound Words in Modern English
5) PHYS010 — We Can’t Stop: Inertial Bodies and Friction

Inertia rhymes with hug me

Friction FOR SURE

6) AMST1070 — Hopeless Wanderer: Homelessness and Vagrancy in Modern America
7) SOC1390 — Rich as Fuck: Comparative Income Inequalities
8) HIST0800 — Heads Will Roll: French Revolution and the Implications of Guillotine Use
9) GNSS0210 — Next Girl: The Development of Male Polyamory in Western Culture
10) CLPS0980A — Summertime Sadness: Seasonal Affective Disorder

It's real.

It’s real.

11) PHIL0230 — Electric Avenue: Morality and Capital Punishment
12) GEOL0250 — Positive Vibrations: Introduction to Plate Tectonics
13) HIST0900 — Holy Grail: The Intersection of Myth and Fact in Medieval England
14) GNSS0360 — Sex on Fire: 21st Century Experimental Sexual Techniques
15) AMST1030 — A Little Party Never Killed Nobody: Death in Festival Culture from Altamont to Electric Zoo

But it did though...

But it did though…

16) URBN 1770C — Wrecking Ball: The Problematic Consequences of “Urban Renewal”
17) LITR1470 — I Will Wait: Beckett’s “Godot” and the Absurd
18) HIST1879Y — I Knew You Were Trouble:  Indigenous Source Material on the Arrival of Europeans
19) ANTH1040 — Help Me Lose My Mind: Anthropology of Peer Pressure in Generation Z
20) CLPS0300 — Get Up, Stand Up: Basic Motor Skill Development in Toddlers

Stand up for your rights! and Huggies!

Stand up for your rights! And Huggies!

Have any BergeMash creations of your own? Share them in the comments.

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  1. Mac Woodburn

    MATH0540 – Blurred Lines: Honors Linear Algebra
    PHYS1270 – Radioactive: Extragalactic Astronomy and High-Energy Astrophysics
    TAPS0030 – Applause: Introduction to Acting and Directing
    PHIL0070 – Man in the Mirror: The Individual and the State

  2. Anonymous

    ENVS 0690 — Ignition (Remix): The Rise of Alternative Fuel Source Vehicles

  3. Jonathan Rubins

    LITR0030 – Down Once More: A Modern Perspective of C.S. Lewis’ “Through the Looking Glass”
    GNSS1690 – All By Myself: An Introduction to the Art of Masturbation
    INTL0060 – Fuckin’ Problems: 20th Century Russia
    HIST0050 – Everybody Loves Me: The Rise of the Absolute Monarchy
    CHEM0440 – Hot N’ Cold – An Introduction to Thermodynamics
    HIST0560 – Crown on the Ground – The Fall of Monarchial Principles

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