Sixth Man: Adventures in Cambridge

This weekend, the Brown football team had its first big test in its Ivy Opener at Harvard. Yes, we know that we covered football last weekend, but I wanted an excuse to go to Cambridge for a day  but knew this was an especially important game to write about. After walking around the kind-of-city, I sat down in Harvard Square and enjoyed a pretty good piece of pizza (Nice Slice is still better). I also got a chance to check out the campus, but unfortunately I kept getting swept up by the thousands of elderly tourists who would stop and take pictures at every possible moment. So let’s just get to the game.

Things got started at around 5 p.m., and even though we were at Harvard (boo), it seemed like it would be a good game. Surprisingly, a large population of Brown students had come down for the night, and the tailgate was well-attended. After playing cornhole for two hours, we all headed down to the stadium.

Brown got off to a solid start—we scored the first two touchdowns of the game. There was also a successful onside kick that gave the Bears more momentum. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 13-0 Bears, and it seemed like things would be going our way. That is, until the second quarter started. Our lead evaporated when the Crimson scored 4 unanswered touchdowns. Our momentary glimmer of hope faded away and unfortunately, we were never able to come back. At halftime, the score was 28-13 Harvard. We only scored one more touchdown, in the third quarter, and the game ended 41-23 Harvard.

John Spooney ’14 had another impressive performance, registering 110 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. Quarterback Patrick Donnelley ’14 had 169 yards passing and was 21-for-33 through the air. Senior Zachary Lattrell also led the Bears on defense with 9 tackles and 1 sack. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to beat Harvard, who seemed to be in control of the game following the first quarter.

To be fair, Brown had a pretty impressive game. Even though the score suggested otherwise, we stood a chance after the first quarter. For many of the fans in attendance, the game was a good opportunity to visit another school and show some Brunonian spirit.  It was also a good opportunity to realize how awesome Brown is… and to truly appreciate the fact that we don’t go to Harvard. 

Next weekend, the Brown Bears will play URI in the annual (and legendary) Governors Cup at 6:00 p.m. Be sure to go and check it out!

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