Know your Lecture Board Fall Speaker Poll candidates: Sir Ian McKellen

“Fly, you fools!”

…to your laptops and vote here right now to have Sir Ian McKellen as this year’s fall lecturer! Yes, you heard right. You may be able to see Gandalf/Magneto in the flesh.

But why Sir Ian McKellen? Well, why breathe? Why eat? Why smile back at Gail at the Ratty? Sir Ian McKellen is everything that is good in the world. Not only does he boast an impressive acting career, but he’s also just unfathomably suave and cultured. It’s hard for me to articulate just how perfect this man is (you did notice the “Sir” part, right?), so I’ll just let his accomplishments speak for themselves.


The grandpa we all secretly want


 1) Timeless actor


He is responsible for making the movie characters of Gandalf and Magneto go down in history. Let’s start with Lord of the Rings. He is literally the sickest wizard out there (sorry, Radagast). Gandalf singlehandedly defeated the monstrous Balrog, and took on the conniving Saruman. The elves practically worship him, and that’s saying something. Also, let’s not forgot how he saved Frodo’s ass numerous times. His role as Magneto in the X-Men series was also superb. Here, he shows how well he can play the villain, too.  If you’ve seen his movies, you know what a magnificent actor he is, completely immersing himself in the role and creating a work of cinematic art.

2) Devoted gay rights activist


Sir Ian McKellen has opened up about his sexuality in a most elegant and unabashed manner. He has participated in many gay pride parades and has donated money to organizations fighting against homophobia. Furthermore, he’s founded an activist group to lobby for social justice and equality in the British parliament. This man isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes, in that way perfectly representing the Brown student. And may I add that his fashion sense is on point.

3) Titan of the performing arts


Such passion

Like the good Brit that he is, Sir Ian McKellen has an incredible breadth of Shakespearean knowledge. But, unlike most of his countrymen, he has toured the world with the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre. He’s also starred in other award-winning productions and has been knighted for his outstanding theatre work. What a top lad.

4) Overall immaculate being of light


Not afraid to get a little silly

If the above wasn’t enough to convince you that it is vital for Sir Ian McKellen to be our guest lecturer, then you need to embark on a YouTube quest right now. I mean, just hearing him speak in that cozy sweater-like voice of his should be enough to sway you in his favor. He is a flawless individual who makes the world a better place.

Having Sir Ian McKellen speak for us would be momentous. I’ll be the girl spazzing out in the corner, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be alone. This year, vote for happiness and rainbows and noble men. This year, vote Sir Ian McKellen.

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