The UCS Fall Poll is a thing that exists

The annual UCS Fall Poll was released yesterday, and offers students a chance to enter a raffle for Spring Weekend tickets. Just as interesting, the poll includes (we think for the first time) questions about the effectiveness of Brown-Secure. “Please estimate how many times per week you have difficulty accessing the Brown Secure wireless network, and subsequently use an alternate form of internet connectivity (Brown EZ, Brown Guest, ethernet, etc.).” Um 24/7 kthxbye.

Among the other notable inclusions were “Name three artists that you’d like to see at Spring Weekend” (Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus), and like seven hundred questions on the Strategic Plan. Take the poll now, maybe win Spring Weekend tickets (I mean let’s be honest, probably not but whatever), and do a little good for the community. Easy choice. Check your email for an email from UCS President Todd Harris ‘14.5 with your very own unique link that takes you right to the poll!

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