A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: Love Your Body Day @ Brown

Love Your Body Day 2013

Wednesday, October 16th is national Love Your Body Day, a holiday that Brown wouldn’t dare miss out on. Students for Choice will be hosting a day filled with body-loving activities and your favorite contraceptive freebies tomorrow on the Main Green outside of Sayles from 10 a.m.–2 p.m.”

Love Your Body Day began in 1998 as a campaign of the National Organization for Women (NOW) as a response to the narrow and unhealthy ideals of beauty promoted by the media. Students for Choice has embraced this message as a celebration of every body (and everybody),”  said Liz Pon ’14, a co-president of SFC. “We aim to make this as body positive and body inclusive as possible, and have invited a wide range of student and community groups, from the Queer Alliance to the Brown University Relaxation Project, to participate. Our goal is to spread self-love while sparking thought and discussion about what it means to be ‘body positive’ in this day and age.”

Liz and her co-pres, Leah Newcomer ’14, emphasize that SFC wants Brown students to love themselves for who they are and, perhaps through the doors opened by LYBD, become active in the pursuit of self-acceptance.

Other on- and off-campus organizations—such as BURP, YAM, Feminists at Brown, Queer Alliance at Brown, Fashion at Brown, SHAG, Health Ed, RI NOW, Planned Parenthood, Sojourner House, SSDP (Students for Sustainable Drug Policy), AMIRA, Bluestockings, Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health—will also be represented at LYBD.

So if you love your body or if you’d like to start, make sure to come out for Zumba on the Main Green at 1 p.m. (every student’s dream come true), as well as back massages, meditation, and yoga throughout the day. There will also be genitalia-shapes baked goods… a self-explanatory plus.

You can find the Facebook event for LYBD here

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