Useless Rankings: Brown Ranked 19th on List of “Sexiest Students”


First Buzzfeed, and now DailyBeast: if you’re a moderately acceptable to less-than-reputable news source, you probably think Brown is super sexy. As of this morning, DailyBeast ranked Brown #19 on its list of the 20 Sexiest Colleges. According to the site, they used College Prowler data to assess the attractiveness of students, and the sexual health report card put out by Trojan Condoms (Brown was #2) in determining each school’s sexual health. So basically they copy-pasted preexisting data into an informal PowerPoint. But we came out on top near the top, so who cares? Worth noting: on a ten-point scale, Brown females were rated .5 points higher than males… can someone with math knowledge tell me if that is statistically significant?

Anyway, feel free to check out the whole list here. It will take literally less than a minute of your time.

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