Important changes to this year’s SexPowerGod

Get ready.

Get ready.

Brown has been in the news a fair amount lately. Well, now it’s that time of year to remember why Jesse Watters first noticed us: It starts with an S, ends with a G, and its dress code is minimalist, but not in the conventional way.

SexPowerGod tickets sales begin October 20th and will continue until the morning of the 21st. Before you rush to get on line now, there are some important changes to this year’s event that you absolutely need to know about.

[For freshmen/newbies: SPG is a party hosted yearly by Brown’s Queer Alliance. It’s notoriously known as a lingerie party, but the reality is that people can go wearing whatever they feel comfortable in. The exciting thing about SPG is that it’s a safe space to experiment with some of the more risqué things in life. Come as you are and enjoy a party that’s caught the eyes of Hugh Heffner, Trojan Condoms, and Bill O’Reilly alike. A safe space also means no cellphones (trust us: you’ll be having too much fun to need them)! Frosh and other newbies can get plenty of info on whether or not they should think about attending SPG by reading this FroshSEXities post from last year.]

1. Alumnae Hall: This year, SPG will be held in Alumnae Hall (where the Gate is). In the past couple of years, the party has been held in Andrews Hall, but now Andrews hall is being renovated/turned into a dining hall. A construction site just does not capture the essence of SexPowerGod.

Consequences: The days of freshmen pre-gaming in Andrews pre-SPG are over. Now you’ll have to walk half-nude (only if you want to, of course) and shivering, just like the rest of us. Also, you can look forward to eating in a hall that probably brings you back to SPGs of years past.

2. One night of ticket sales: SPG tickets sales are almost as exciting as the party itself: hundreds of people camp out in order to secure their name on the guest list. In past years, there have been two nights for ticket sales, but this year, there will be only one night. Line-up on Sunday night is set to start at 10:30 p.m. outside of Kasper Multipurpose Room. Tickets will become available at an undisclosed time early Monday morning.

Consequences: You only have one day to decide whether or not you’re actually going to stick it out and line up to get a ticket.  Even though you’re not allowed to line up until 10:30, you should probably consider hanging out near the area just in case. If you want a ticket, Sunday evening is not the time to be M.I.A.

3. One ticket per person: This is huge. In past years, two IDs were allowed per person on line, meaning that one could purchase up to 2 tickets. Now, there is a strict policy of “your Brown ID gets you a ticket” and nothing more.

Consequences: This should go without saying, but you have to physically be in line this year if you want to get a ticket.  There will be a small amount of tickets going in a Guest Lottery the following week, but those guest tickets will be sold at $35 a pop.  That’s $15 more than the cost for a Brown/RISD student.

You may have guessed from the ticket constraints above, but another big change is…

4. 400 tickets total: Before this year, the SPG committee sold 600 tickets each year. Now, due to the smaller capacity of Alumnae Hall, the committee will be selling 400 tickets. This means that fewer people get to go, but it also means a more intimate and exclusive SPG.

And the best news for last:

5. Entertainment (!):  An Aerial Arts group and The Poler Bears will both be performing at this year’s party.  There will also be a DJ line-up, of course. Props to QA—that sh** is classy.

What better way to bid farewell to your parents this weekend than to say “Bye Mom and Dad, off to go buy tickets for a raunchy lingerie party right now”? Do as the Facebook event says and “Grab your good weave.” We’ll see you Sunday.

Image via SPG 2013 committee.

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